Estimate your commercial or advertising generated sales depending on your investment and conversion rate. It is useful to create sales scenarios depending on how you change below variables.

As much real is below data more accurated will be the sales estimation.

Online sales Offline sales

1. Scenario Title (choose a name for your calculation, you will be able to save or print results):

2. Choose currency:

U.S. Dollars $ Canadian Dollars C$ Mexican Peso Mex$ Brazilian Real R$ Euros € Pounds Sterling £ Czech Koruna Kč Danish Krone Dkr Hungarian Forint Ft Norwegian Krone Nkr Polish Zloty zł Swedish Krona Skr Swiss Franc Fr Japanese Yen ¥ Australian Dollars A$ New Zealand Dollar NZ$ Hong Kong Dollar HK$ Singapore Dollar SG$ Israeli Shekels ₪ Malaysian Ringgits RM Philippine Pesos ₱ Taiwan New Dollars NT$ Thai baht ฿

3. Choose period of time (results will refer to this time frame):

Monthly Quarterly Yearly

4. Estimated audience volume (how many people you think your advertising or salesforce team can reach):

4.Estimated audience volume (how many people you think your salesforce team can reach):

5. Current or estimated average CPC (cost per Click):

5. Current or estimated average CPV (Cost per Visit) or CPC (Cost per Call):

{$ questions[2] $}

6. Average Order Value (AOV):

{$ questions[2] $}

7. Current or estimated Conversion Rate (final purchase rate from visits):


Sales estimation / {$ questions[3] $}

Sales value

{$ result[1] | number:2 $} {$ questions[2] $}

Number of orders

{$ result[4] | number:2 $}

ROI (Return on Investment)

{$ result[2] | number:2 $} %

Net Sales

{$ result[3] | number:2 $} {$ questions[2] $}

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